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Marriage / Re-Marriage Pooja

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For Marriage :Marriage is a very special and one time ritual. In the present modern days parents are compromising the horoscope matching of the groom or bride and the marriage muhurtha. This is because of the other physical parameters and comfort. This has lead to chaos, separations and divorce in the marriage. We always stress on Muhurtha and Matching for the couple’s life to be good and to have a good progeny. We fix the best muhurtha according to the couple's horoscope and execute the ritual on time so that they may not have any major marriage problems in life.

For Re-Marriage :

Many People Compromise the marriage timing and matching of the couple for a variety of reasons and suffer after marriage without knowing the real problem, that is the Muhurtha and wrong matching.. Just like my Guruji says “There is no point in saying that there are problems, Just do the correct ritual and solve it”, we have a special remarriage ritual done for you to set right your marriage in the correct track back again. We do the ritual in the correct time without any fail and this will rejig your entire married life in a positive manner.

Benefits of this Pooja

Live Happily without any problems.

Have good Progeny

Have Vashiya, Mohana and akarshana towards each other.

Have a good flow of income.

Increase the couples longevity

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+91 89256 62492

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