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Thila Homam

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Importance:Honoring Ancestors is part of the Hindu Tradition as we all believe that we are connected with our ANcestors


Did Somebody die from Accident, Murder, Suicide in your Family ? Their Soul doesn't rest & it suffers in 28 hells. Do Thila Homam, and get the Blessings of your Ancestors. Rescue them from 28 hells and make them rest in peace.

Pitru Paksha Homam Procedure

Many Temples or Priests in Rameshwaram, Gokarana or in Gaya-Kashi do not Know the exact procedure written by our Great rishis and they do not not how to send the pitrus to Moksha-Gadhi. But in Aadhesh Lakshmi Narayana Temple you can feel the massive difference of Peace in your Aura & Chakra passing through instantaneously while doing our Thila Homam.

❁ Lagu Punyavacahanam

❁ Ganapathi pooja / Homam

❁ Shiva Parvathi Pooja

❁ Purna Ahuthi and Acharaya Blessings

❁ Rudra homam for 3 Generation Pitru Varga on Both side To attain salvation

❁ Parvathi homam for 3 Generation Matru Varga on Both side To attain salvation

❁ 28 hells homam for 3 generation Pitru And Matru Varga ancestors to attain Salvation

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+91 89256 62492

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