Ashtalakshmi Homam

Why should you choose our Temple ?

 Our Pricing : Our prices are lower than the Market always.

 108 Ashtothra : We chant 108 ashtothra for all the gods, which is not done any temple.

 Execution Speed : You can book and get your Homam done in 2 hours.

Benefits of this Homam :

 Increase in fame

 Increase in income

 Success in business

 Growing in career

 Buying assets

 Removal Of debts

 Success in film career

 Making profits in business

 Success in music/ dance

 Getting a beautiful bride for the son

 Clearing Health issue like that of Uterus and sexual disorder

Devata :

Dana lakshmi | Dhanya lakshmi | Veera lakshmi | Vidya lakshmi | maha lakshmi | Siddie lakshmi | Aiswarya lakshmi | Gaja lakshmi | navagraha |gana pathi and Lord narayana

Difference between Our Temple Vs Other Temples.

 Price & Speed : Our pricing is 50% less than the market, we organize a ritual within 2 hours whereas normal temple takes 2 weeks.

 Proper Procedures & No Compromise : We chant 108 names of god and chant your name in the homam in every ahurthi & there is no compromise in any procedure.

 All Rituals in Live : You can see all the Pooja and Homam live through whatsapp in your phone, whereas no temple allows you to do this.

To book your homam Call or Whatsapp :

+91 89256 62492

+91 89256 62492

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