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Difference between Our Temple Vs Other Temples.

 Price & Speed : Our pricing is 50% less than the market, we organize a ritual within 2 hours whereas normal temple takes 2 weeks.

 Proper Procedures & No Compromise : We chant 108 names of god and chant your name in the homam in every ahurthi & there is no compromise in any procedure.

 All Rituals in Live : You can see all the Pooja and Homam live through whatsapp in your phone, whereas no temple allows you to do this.

Kalasarpa dosha / Naga Dosham Nivarthi Pooja

Why should you choose our Temple ?

 Our Pricing : Our prices are lower than the Market always.

 108 Ashtothra : We chant 108 ashtothra for all the gods, which is not done any temple.

 Execution Speed : You can book and get your Homam done in 2 hours.

What are the impact of the sarpa dosha / Naga Dosham or kalasarpa dosha / Naga Dosham :

 there will be struggle in the life to accomplish small things

 Marriage not getting solemnised

 gynecological problems and problems in conception

 Unable to get guidance for life problems

 Break in the education

 health issues

 work crisis and joblessness


What are the remedies for kala sarpa dosha / Naga Dosham

Pooja for sarpa or nagar is the only way to clear the sarpa dosha / Naga Dosham. this pooja or the abhisekam should be repeated for the dosha to get cleared.
If the karma is very thin or small, doing the sarpa samaskara pooja in kukke temple or in kalahasthi will be suffice. Here also repetition is needed. If the karma is thick or if the solution has not appeared then the kala sarpa nivarthi pooja has to be repeated. when the ritual is done in the temple, one will see the impact for 15 to 30 days. To really clear the karma, one has to do the ritual for 90 days to 120 days. the ritual will be more elaborate than those performed in the temple.

How the pooja is done in the Lakshmi Narayanan E-Temple?

1. The pooja will be started in the good time
2. The pooja sankalp will be specialized according to the problem with the name, gotr, nakshatra and rasi of the person.
3. The abhisekam will be done with 7 dravyas of oil, snana podi, milk, curd, chandan, honey, rose water. All the materials used are pure and of right quantity.
4. Then 108 astothra namavali pooja will be done using flowers separately.
5. Special neivedhya will be kept and the dhana of the naivedhya will be given after the pooja is over.
6. The pooja will be done continuously without any break. The pooja will be done in rahu kalam.
7. The pooja will be done separately for each person. No group poojas. Separate sila will be taken for every person.
8. You can participate in the first day pooja or see the pooja live in skype or video call.
9. Owpasana homam will be done in your name every day.
10. Post the pooja the neivedhya will be given as dhana.
11. Argya will be given so that the result of the pooja comes to you completely.
12. You can see the pooja live any day you want on prior information.

USP of Aadhesh

Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

Our Vision

Execution of order

Retention if cluents

Anytime clients can do the Pooja

No reusing of the materials

Pooja done as told in the Vedas

No running around

One stop solution for your ritual needs


Whatever money you give partially we do the dhana for the following issues



Scarf medicine

Water for school children