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Vidhya Viruthi Homam

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Why should you choose our Temple ?

 Our Pricing : Our prices are lower than the Market always.

 108 Ashtothra : We chant 108 ashtothra for all the gods, which is not done any temple.

 Execution Speed : You can book and get your Homam done in 2 hours.

Benefits of this homam :

 Get cleared mind

 Increase memory power

 Increase your concentration

 Easy to understand your study

 You will get the right teacher

 You will get the right guidance to help you

 The place to sit and study and time for studying will get set

 You will be able to finish the exams with great ease

Devata :


Difference between Our Temple Vs Other Temples.

 Price & Speed : Our pricing is 50% less than the market, we organize a ritual within 2 hours whereas normal temple takes 2 weeks.

 Proper Procedures & No Compromise : We chant 108 names of god and chant your name in the homam in every ahurthi & there is no compromise in any procedure.

 All Rituals in Live : You can see all the Pooja and Homam live through whatsapp in your phone, whereas no temple allows you to do this.

To book your homam Call or Whatsapp :

+91 89256 62492

+91 89256 62492

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