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Grahapravesam or House Warming

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Importance:Grahapravesam is an auspicious event, where rituals are done before entering or living the House. It is important that we should have our grahapravesham in a good muhurtha in order to lead a successful life in that house. Many people think that grahapravesham is done only when you move into a new house, but they don’t know that gruhapravesam can be done in each and every step of construction to avoid the blocks and obstacles in building the house.

Why should you do Gruhapravesam with Aadhesh:

We do Rituals in Tailored method, where it is done in Personalised Muhurtha.

You can Choose the Vadiyars and other options online, you can pay us online and you also have the Facility where you can have your Gruhapravesam done online where vadiyars come online and you can have your pooja done through video call.

In our Aadhesh we do this ritual with utmost Bhakti and Devotion where all our Vadyars will chant during this Ritual.

Benefits of this Pooja

To Purify the new Place

To Lift the energy of the new place

To Remove obstacles in construction

Negativeness opposition

To Have Wealth, Health etc..

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+91 89256 62492

+91 89256 62492

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