Navarathri is the Festival, where we all are blessed for 9 days continuously to have Kshema, Dhairiya, Veerya, Vijaya, Abhaya, Ayur , Aroghya , Ishwarya & Dhana in your Life. Tridevi's blesses us with each quality everyday.

Benefits of the 3 Powerful Nights of
Goddess Durga

Crush your Enemies

With the Blessings of Goddess Durga, winning over Enemies will be like dusting off your Shoe.

Destroy your Obstacles

Clear all your Obstacles in a whif, move your Business or Work to next level with Goddess Durga.

Eliminate your Competition

Eliminate all your Competition and keep on rising to the top in your Business or work.

Immense Courage

Get Immense Courage to Deal with all kinds of Pressure,office Politics and other Hard Situations.

black magic
Black Magic

Goddess Durga is a Special Goddess of eliminating all the black magic in your family.

evil eye
Evil Eyes / Dhrishti

You can also clear all the evil eyes or dhrishti with the power of the Thrishul.

Benefits of the 3 Life-Setting Nights of
Goddess Lakshmi

Financial issues

Doing Rituals for Goddess Lakshmi helps you grow immensly in your Financial lifestyle.

For Childbirth

With the Grace of Santhana Lakshmi, you can have Safe & Secure Child Birth without problems.

Correct Partner Attraction

Attarct your Correct partner into your life like Goddess Lakshmi and have harmony with you.

skin care
Beauty & Skin Care

You can also do RItuals for Goddess Lakshmi to increase your Beauty & Vashiya, Mohana, Akarshana.


Clear all your Blocks and Obstacles and lead a Peaceful & happy married life.

Debts Clearance

With the Immense Grace of Goddess Lakshmi you can melt away all your Debt permanently.

Benefits of the 3 Educational Nights of
Goddess Saraswathi

medha nadi
Open your Medha nadi

Opening your Medha Nadi helps you to understand all kinds of Knowledge & Subject.

Improve Intelligence

Saraswathi Pooja or Homam can mainly be done to increase the intelligence of a person.

Increased Memory & Focus

Have Immense Memory and Focus at the need of your sitution and circumstance.

Plus Concentration

Get rid of the Concenration Problems which man people face in their study.

Finish your Education

Clear all your Exams and pass out your education with Flying Colours.

Enhanced Creativity

With the Help of Goddess Saraswathi increase your boundary of Creativity.

Can I watch all the Homam Online ?

We Aadhesh Lakshmi Narayana E-Temple always perform all the Poojas and Homams online and we have strong online facility where all your Rituals can be seen through Video call from A to Z.

You can also come and do rituals Directly in our Place and Abroad people can watch their ritual live in the Platform they want and feel secure.

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What is the Procedure of your Homam & Pooja ?

  • All our Rituals carries more are less the same Procedure.
  • In Aadhesh, you can always expect zero-avoiding of Procedures.
  • We never Compromise in our Procedures.
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How can I know Whether you are Genuine or not ?

We already have client all over 19 countries in the world and we perform pooja and other rituals for 120 clients everyday.

Still no Belief ? It is Better to show than talk !!!

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For How many days should I do Navarathri Homam ?

The more you want to be successful, the more you can do Rituals. Success is directly connected to our Energy and our Energy increases when you do Rituals.

If you want to grow big and have immense success, we recommend you to do Rituals for all the 9 Days.

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What do our Clients say about our Rituals ?


I was having Enormous Debt, I was so worried that my family will pay after i was gone, But with the Homam all my debts just vanished.

Karthick Raj - 9 Days Lakshmi Homam to clear Debts


I had lots of opposition and enemies in my business, trying to close my business, thank god! I found you and now all my problems are solved.

Sugumaran - Durga Homam for Enemies & Opposition


The Business was too slow and no wonder, with the rituals i sold all my goods in a month. Just words to express

Karthick Venkat - Lakshmi Homam to Increase Sales


I had tough time in studying,with the rituals I completed my Ph.D successfully, Thanks to you and your team.

Vijayalakshmi - Saraswathi Homam for her Ph.D completion


Searching for a great proposal was taking time & we were so fed up and we did Homam for her marriage and it's got fixed within 120 days.

Srinivas & Lalitha - Lakshmi Homam for Daughter's Marriage


I always wanted to finish my aereospace degree and with the help, I overcame all my competition and came first.

Shyam Kumar - Durga & Saraswathi Homam

Nine Nights Power Packages

Our Power Package pricing are setup in such a way that any client can do Ritual. We are very Flexible and if you have any doubt, feel free to call us....9840734395

4 Vadiyar Homam
for 1 Day
4 Vadiyar Homam
for 3 Days
4 Vadiyar Homam
for 9 Days
2 Vadiyar Homam
for 1 Day
2 Vadiyar Homam
for 3 Days
2 Vadiyar Homam
for 9 Days
Poorna Pooja
for 1 Day
Poorna Pooja
for 3 Days
Poorna Pooja
for 9 Days
Abhishekam & Pooja
for 1 Day
Abhishekam & Pooja
for 3 Days
Abhishekam & Pooja
for 9 Days

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