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Atma pathni pooja or soul mate attraction pooja or homam

Importance: “People believe that a soul mate is the perfect match for you, and that is what everyone desires. A real soulmat is a mirror, someone who reflects back to you everything that is holding you back, someone who draws you to your own notice so you may make changes in your life.

Benefits of this Homam :

To get married

Getting Right proposal

Clear the obstacles in the marriage

Win over the enemies who obstructs the marriage 

To activate Kalachakra in preparation for marriage

If you do not receive a suitable proposal

Getting Away of Marriage Delays and Postponements

How do i attract my soulmate ?

Atma pathni pooja is a attract your soulmate and its help to find your soulmate and clear your marriage obstacles.

How do you know when love is coming ?

This pooja helps to find your soul partner for your future life. get a good relationship with your partner

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+91 8925662492

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