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All indian rituals be it Homam, Pooja Or abhisekam aim at bringing huge downpour of energy. This down pour of energy will give you guidance as well as open up the intuition. After the intuition, solution arises. Also the rituals can take the work financial growth to the next stage or level. In Aadhesh we have a unique type of ritual called pada Pooja where the devata is invokved on human beings.

For Instance in Mahalakshmi pada pooja we will invoke the Goddess Lakshmi on women or young girls. for Saraswathi pada pooja we will call women who are teachers by profession. So for selecting the subject for the pada pooja their age, occupation and gender will be taken into consideration. For Chatru pada pooja, we will select boys from the age of 12 to 18 which is called as kumara paruvam.

For Specific Pada Pooja, respective Devatha is worshipped

  • Mahalakshmi - attract spouse , to improve the love life or married life, to gain wealth

  • MahaVishnu - peace in the family

  • Saraswathi - Studies, to get admission, score good marks, Clear in tough exams life IIT/JEE, NEET etc

  • Lord Muruga or Subramanya - enemies, legal issues, political or rowdy problems, any obstacles. we have cleared terrorist threat

  • Lord sun/surya Pada Pooja- Fame, victory, to get political opening

  • Lord Moon- to clear any mental, psychiatric or any negative emotional issues.

  • Lord Guru- for getting children, spiritual growth and to get guidance

  • Lord Satrun, Rahu And Kethu- to clear all doshas, sapas and lineage curses.

  • Doing Pada Pooja will Increase To clear financial crisis

  • Get Success and making profits in business

  • Before the start of any industry or a project which requires huge ammount of energy for the sucess of the project.

  • To clear any financial crisis or debts

  • when you have to quell the chatrus or opppositions or enemies

  • If the horoscope show affliction in the marriage, then the pada pooja will clear the marriage dosha or sapa

  • when you going to clear any major exams or finish any course. for this we do saraswathi pada pooja.

  • To invoke the blessings of devate for spiritual growth

  • We are Unique from others

  • All Paada Pooja will start in the right Muhurtha to have maximum impact as time is the most important factor for success

  • For any Devatha Paada Pooja, We perform for 9/18/27/54/108 people respectively according to the requirement

  • First we invoke the devatha on the human beings with Bheeja Mantra chanting

  • We do sankalpa of your requirement, chant mantras, offer chandan, kumkum, clean the legs

  • Do Paada pooja by offering flowers with chant of 108 names of the Devatha

  • Offer Dakshina Thaamboolam to the person and show dhoopa, deepa and aarathi

  • We give the offered energised flower to the person and make them to do Aashirvadham

  • You can watch your Paada Pooja either directly (Live) or will send you recording or you can come directly to attend the pooja
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  • Select your Pooja or Homam or paada pooja

  • Make Payment and Send Screenshot to 89256 62492 / 98409 24789

  • Our Guruji will fix the Good Muhurta and Priest will inform and Call you at the commencement of homam

  • Homam Procedure starts with Sankalpa, Pooja, Homam, Purnahuthi, Ashirwadham

  • Our Priest will give you feedback about the Paada pooja ritual

  • To book your homam Call or Whatsapp :

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    +91 89256 62492

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