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Udyoga Dosha Nivarana Pooja★ ★ ★ ★

Udyoga dosham acts when a person has obstructions in getting a job after the loss of a job. This pooja will be done for their growth in work and business. Many people face problems in work regarding attraction of the right customers, get the money collected in right time and settling of business well. this pooja will increase the energy flow towards their work process which will help them to overcome problems regarding work and business.

How are we special in this poojas?

  • ☛ Pooja or abhisekam will be done according to the element of your horoscope.
  • ☛ The lordship for work and money will be used and the pooja for that lord will be done , for e.g., if sun needs to be done for the horoscope that lord will be done.
  • ☛ Everyday owpasana homam will be done for work or business
  • ☛ Any special projects or important clients name will be added into the sankalpa
  • ☛ Special sankalpa will be taken for that person with the company name
  • ☛ Feedback once in 27 days or 1 month will be taken
  • ☛ Strong remedies will be done in case the person is to attend a important interview or meeting
  • ☛ Guidance of what to be done and when to be done will be given in each process of thework. For e.g., when a person comes to us for remedies, we offer guidance for each and every step of work. when should they start the work? what direction should they travel? What changes they need to do? When should they talk and when should they avoid doing? Is it a good time to speak with the boss?

This is Our Aim

To invokve the grace of god and miracle energy of god into the life of people through ritual and vedic rites as told by our rishis.