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Chatru Samhara Homam★ ★ ★ ★

Chatru homam is special fire ritual done for arumugham or the six faces of lord shanmugha for winning over enemies. This ritual can be done for .
✅ Winning over court cases
✅ Winning over enemity in work
✅ Clearing obstrucles in money
✅ Unknown enmity and evil eyes
✅ black magic relief

How are we special in doing this homam?

  • ✅ We will do the homam with the name of the pooja.
  • ✅ We will do 108 ashtotram for all the 6 murugars.
  • ✅ We will also offer 108 ahurties for each mukha.
  • ✅ We will separately do 108 ahurties for sudharshanar
  • ✅ The name of the person and the purpose of the homam in each ahurtiem
  • ✅ Special 6 neivedhyam { offering } will be done.

How can u view it?

  • ✅ You can come over phone for sankalpa and the videos will be sent in whatsapp or any other preferable mode.
  • ✅ You can come online in skype.

This is Our Aim

To invokve the grace of god and miracle energy of god into the life of people through ritual and vedic rites as told by our rishis.