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Maha Mrityunjay Parayana★ ★ ★ ★

Maha mrityunjay parayana is done for longevity and strong health. This japa if chanted for 1,00,000 times will provide long life for the person and the family of the person done.

How we do the Pooja ?

  • ✅ We take sankalpa each time we start the japa.
  • ✅ In each ahurtie or chant of the japa , the persons name will be used
  • ✅ The japa will go on for one week
  • ✅ We will separately do 108 ahurties for sudharshanar
  • ✅ The japa will be done with more than 40 priests
  • ✅ After the japa we will provide food for the priest and get their blessings.

This is Our Aim

To invokve the grace of god and miracle energy of god into the life of people through ritual and vedic rites as told by our rishis.